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Hello From Stich FX Studios, LLc.

Hey there, horror enthusiasts! Meet Kevin Stich and his spooky squad, the masterminds behind the macabre marvels of Stich FX Studios, now rebranded as Five Points FX, LLC. Kevin fearlessly took the helm and opened a brand new venture with his daughter Leighton, diving headfirst into the realm of horror FX with a passion that could wake the dead. Snatching up all the assets and molds from the previous owner, he’s set the stage for a thrilling new chapter in his entrepreneurial saga.

But this isn’t just a business venture for Kevin—it’s a full-blown family affair. Enter Leighton, his daughter, who at the tender age of 8, dipped her toes into the world of horror FX. Raised amidst the shadows and screams of the industry, Leighton’s journey began practically at birth. Talk about a spooky start—her very first outing from the hospital landed her smack dab in the middle of the opening night chaos at Wolf Creek Haunted Forest in Kentucky, all thanks to her mom, Jamie. And so, the seeds of passion were planted, paving the way for Kevin’s plunge into haunted attraction ownership.

From there, Kevin’s tale of terror only gets more chilling. He went on to acquire The Haunted Hotel in Louisville, KY, one of the country’s longest-running and most extreme haunted attractions, operating since 1991. Talk about haunting history! And the scares didn’t stop there—With Kevin’s partner at SINdicate Haunted House Group, they now operate 8 other spine-tingling attractions across 5 states, from Malice Manor, Necropolis Underground, Black Orchard, Oklahoma Asylum, Jail of Terror, Haunted Hydro, Fright Haven to Piney Scream Farm. Plus, he’s scooped up two other FX company assets, Nefarious Nightmares and Slaughterhouse FX, to keep the scares coming.

As Kevin’s businesses thrive and grow, fueled by his boundless creativity and dedication, so do the demands of his haunt industry. But with each new challenge comes a chance to push the boundaries of fear and imagination. Together, Kevin, Leighton, and Jamie standing at the crossroads of innovation and horror, ready to unleash a whole new level of terror on thrill-seekers everywhere. So buckle up, because it’s gonna be one wild, spine-tingling ride!

Welcome to Five Points FX, LLC dba Stich FX Studios

Kevin Stich